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Gluten-free Finds in the GTA

I don’t know about you, but as a parent of a child with celiac disease, I get overly excited when I find out about restaurants and bakeries that cater to those with allergies.   The locations I’m going to tell you about right now are either dedicated gluten-free or offer gluten-free options and seem knowledgeable about the risks of cross-contamination.   B’s Truly Couture Cupcakes We first came across B’s Truly Couture Cupcakes when we were shopping at the Toronto Outlets a couple of years ago.   Back then, they had set up shop in an adorable “Cupcake Chalet” pop-up kiosk.   My daughter made a beeline for the adorable little house and, once inside, we were thrilled to learn that they sold gluten-free macarons and cupcakes .   I loved that the proprietor was concerned about cross-contamination and tried to minimize it as much as possible.   Our family was so excited by our find that we bought several different flavours of cupcakes and macarons to enjoy at home.   The most importan