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Why I Started This Blog

When our son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2009, my husband and I really didn’t have a lot of information about how to help him live with the disease day-to-day.  At 4 years old, he had developed into a picky eater and many of the foods he would eat were wheat-based: gold-fish crackers, mac’n’cheese, hotdogs, pasta….you get the picture. The idea of all these foods becoming suddenly off-limits was daunting. Even though that was only 9 years ago, gluten-free options were not as readily available as they are today. To make matters worse, the ready-made gluten-free products that were available generally tasted like cardboard. Fast-forward to 2018, where Celiac Disease and gluten-intolerance is more widely known (although, admittedly, still not always properly understood).   The availability of ready-made gluten-free foods has exploded in supermarkets and restaurants.   Gluten-free recipes can be easily found on the internet and in cookbooks. (Love them or h